Source: kasapafmonline. com - The General Secretary of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) Atik Mohammed, has said the Nana Akufo Addo governing will sink itself soon, if it continues commiting avoidable mistakes and courting problems for itself.
According to him, the government has set itself for destruction and it appears the NPP will want to take it’s 5 months in office to repeat the grave mistakes which the NDC took 8 years in power to commit.

The PNC Chief Scribe was commenting on the Attorney General’s Department in Kumasi’s decision to discontinue a case in which 8 members of the pro ruling NPP, Vigilante group, Delta Force were standing trial for freeing their 13 colleagues from lawful custody.

The suspects were freed by Kumasi Circuit Court 2, on May, 17, 2017 as the AG’s Department advised that there was not enough evidence to prosecute them in the case of assault on a public officer and three other charges leveled against them.

They attacked the court, intimidated the judge and freed 13 suspects who were at the time standing trial for attacking the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator.

The discharge of the 8 suspects has generated huge public uproar with a section claiming the government is behind their release.

Speaking on Peace FM, Atik Mohammed called for the rearrest of the suspects over their reprehensible action saying Ghanaians cannot allow such blot on our history books.

He added that the NPP government has committed several mistakes in its short stay in power, most of which are avoidable.

“I’m worried about certain things happening under this Akufo Addo government. I was vehement against the administration of the NDC government because I thought they were not giving Ghanaians what we bargained for. I think that it took the NDC 8 years to get to that messy point where Ghanaians decided that we can’t tolerate you anymore. But it appears the NPP with what is happening now, as if they want to compact what happened under the NDC in 8 years in 4 months. One day it is either one mess or the other…one crisis or the other, I just can’t understand what is going on. I have strong believe in the President that he means well for this country, his appointees should help him do what he promised Ghanaians.



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